Alison Schoenbeck

Senior Instructor

Alison Schoenbeck began her love affair with movement early in life as a competitive gymnast and dancer. She discovered mat Pilates in 2005 while exploring ways to strengthen and balance her body following long hours spent playing field hockey, running, and cycling. In 2012, she transitioned from mat to Reformer Pilates incorporating the repertoire into her personal weekly conditioning program. Alison’s philosophy is that every student's body expresses power, strength, flexibility, and balance in its own unique way, all the body asks is that we learn its language and honor the messages it sends us. To each Pilates class she brings this reverence for the wisdom of the human body. Alison completed Vibe's 500 hour Pilates teacher program and has studied under master teachers in Vermont, Georgia, and Southern California. She is also a certified personal trainer with additional training in somatic and functional movement, energy work, posture assessment, and female and youth specific fitness programming. When not teaching Pilates, she coaches and plays field hockey in the Bay Area and works internationally as a trial support specialist for various legal clients.