Vibe Studio offers group classes and one-on-one private lessons

Group Classes

Pilates​ ​Principles

This is a required class if you are new to Pilates. This class is for beginners or those who want to review Pilates principles. Learn reformer fundamentals. Introductory movement is emphasized.

Reformer​ 1

Prerequisite: Pilates Principles class or prior experience. This class will build your repertoire on the reformer and mat. Get to know the reformer and focus on the fundamentals while gaining strength and agility. We will help you build a strong core and teach you how to apply these principles to your lifestyle and daily activities.

Reformer​ ​2+

Step up the intensity and pace in this level 2 fitness-based reformer class. We’ll mix it up, hold it longer, increase the resistance, and challenge you while always focusing on quality movement.

Reformer​ ​3+

Our fastest-paced, fitness-based, level 3 reformer class. Our idea of a heart pumping, booty-busting good time. More of everything, Pilates-based to challenge and make you sweat, cleansing your mind and body.


In this class you will be guided through rhythmic movements conducted seated on stools, and kneeling, lying, and standing on mats. The GYROKINESIS® method allows one to experience joy through undulating, spiraling, multi-planar movements. Some of the many benefits of this method are spinal decompression, stimulation of the nervous system and internal organs, supple joints and muscles and an alignment of the body, mind, and spirit.

GYROTONIC, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM, and GYROKINESIS are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

Fascia: Pilates Release

This class explores fascially-focused Pilates exercises alongside myofascial release techniques. We will focus on deepening body awareness by addressing the body as a whole (rather than as specific muscle groups) and slowing down to match the season and time of day.

Infinity Bar Reformer Class

This class is a unique offering made possible by the top-of-the-line equipment in our studio. By placing the foot bar in various positions, clients are led thru a series of challenging exercises that emphasize expansion and openness.

Cardio Sculpt Jumpboard

This is a fast-paced class using the jumpboard at the end of the reformer. We raise your heart rate for 25+ minutes in this class using various foot positions while laying on the reformer and jumping off the board.

Happy​ ​Hour​ ​Pilates

This class is meant to end your week off right and kick start a great weekend. Teachers create fun and original choreography adding their favorite moves and equipment into the mix. Come with an open mind and heart to celebrate the week's end!

Private Lessons

Group Pilates can be adapted to all ranges of ages, fitness levels, and physical concerns. However, if you need training adapted specifically to you or have recent or acute medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that may require special attention and modifications, private Pilates sessions are the best way to begin Pilates. Private sessions can also help you create and achieve individual goals. If you have any special conditions or concerns during private sessions, we will assess you, provide modifications, and help you understand your individual needs. We strongly believe Pilates has benefits for everyone, particularly those rehabilitating; hence we strive to provide first-class care. Certain medical conditions may require a doctor's permission to participate. We also reserve the right to ask you to come to a private session if we feel a group setting is not a good fit for your needs.

Find the class that is right for you

New to Pilates?

Take our Pilates Principles class! This class does not assume any prior knowledge of Pilates.

New to Movement or have taken time off?

Start with a one-on-one Private Session as an introduction to the reformer. Personal training sessions are mandatory for those recovering from a serious injury or anyone needing special attention

Prior Pilates Reformer experience?

Take a Reformer 1 class and get acquainted with our style of teaching. Ask your teacher if you are ready for a Reformer 2 class? Enjoy!

  • CLASS POLICY: Classes​ ​MUST​ ​have​ ​2​ ​or​ ​more​ ​clients.